Introduction of fit … A day in the life. We’re talking 8-pack, bulging biceps, legs of steel. In an original documentary short from Prevention, we follow a day in her life and learn that for Shepherd breaking a world record has fulfilled a life goal for not only her, but also her sister. From Bedridden to Bodybuilding – The story of Chris Brine; It involves how much you eat, how much you sleep, and the activities you are involved in. Your lifestyle will determine your bodybuilding success. In late 2012, Arnold took on a tour of his old stomping grounds and gave us an idea of how he structured the perfect day to build the perfect body. Bodyfat at a nice stable bulk in the 9 to 10 percent range. As a teenager Nadine would flick through the pages of fitness magazines, dreaming that one day she’d look like one of those women. I go throughout my day and show everyone what I eat. A Way Of Life, Not a Hobby. About; A day in the life Aside | March 22, 2014. This is her story… The build up. An Ordinary Day Of A Pro Bodybuilder. This is a good time to check yourself in the mirror. For the last two years Nadine has dedicated her entire life to bodybuilding. These videos are a day in the life of a bodybuilder. Life of a bodybuilder. If becoming a professional bodybuilder is your ambition, it is important to keep in mind that your struggle to gain muscle goes far beyond the gym walls. The day of a professional bodybuilder begins with solid flexing in the bathroom. Most Popular. A Day in the Life of a Bodybuilder by Chris Brine. Blog / Athlete Updates/ Chris Brine/ General Health & Fitness/ Mental Health/ The Protein Life / A Day in the Life of a Bodybuilder by Chris Brine. So begins the day for the now 84-year-old Ernestine Shepherd, the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. Corinne Cenere. Early Wake-up: Clean It Up For most young men, simply having a regimented approach to work, training, and nutrition is a tall enough order. Most bodybuilders love the early hours of the day because in the morning the body is water depleted and appears leaner.