Employers recruit College of Agriculture students because they know our … Employers include private veterinary clinics, farms and makers of animal food and pharmaceuticals. Animal science careers with a bachelor’s degree. Some jobs emphasize diagnosis and treatment of illness or injury, while others involve research into how animals respond to foods and medicines. It takes a special person to truly nurture and care for the animal in need, and there is no better way to embark on that journey than to make it your field of choice in the work industry. Individuals who would like to find a job that involves both animals and science have a number of diverse career options to consider. Working at UC Davis is also a possibility: Several of our recent graduates have been appointed staff positions at our department’s animal facilities. Some of these jobs involve working with animals … Welcome to the Science Careers job board.Thousands of job opportunities from around the world and free career development tools and resources make Science Careers a one-stop site for scientists looking to advance their careers.. Science Careers and its job board is brought to you by the journal Science and AAAS There are many career options open to animal science majors. U.S. agriculture alone is a $992 billion business, and animal agriculture is a large component of U.S. agriculture, employing large numbers of animal science graduates. About Science Careers:Jobs. Our graduates are being placed in Indiana, nationally and internationally. Listed below are many of those careers. Job titles in all caps are from the targeted occupations list. Many animal science majors pursue careers in veterinary medicine, including work as a veterinarian, animal nutritionist or animal researcher. Understanding the different career opportunities in Animal Science for professionals Dr. Casey Bradley and Dan Simmons will open the series up with discussing different career paths and how their paths have crossed throughout their careers. We emphasize job placement, internships, and study abroad/international experiences for the development and success of our student's career paths. Careers in Animal Sciences. A career in animal science makes you part of one of the biggest industries in the world! Seeking a career with animals could not be more rewarding to the animal lover. Animal Sciences Career Services. The impact of Purdue Agriculture reaches all over the globe. In addition to the Associates degree, some careers require advanced degrees, local … Our students have become zookeepers; biologists; butchers; and animal production managers in dairies, beef ranches, horse farms, poultry houses and fish farms.