It features a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Conclusion If you experience any problem after the purchase, you have the opportunity to get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. 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Likewise, it delivers a brighter sound compared to wooden ukuleles and makes sure a better self-resonance while playing. The soprano is the lightest, and baritones are the heaviest. After all, this Kala travel ukulele has designed it beautifully so that apprentices or seasoned players can choose for their music life. The first thing to consider, like with most of the instruments, is the price. In addition to these, this 24-inch ukulele comes with Aquila Nylgut strings to make things even better. The UBETA UC-031 creates a lovely atmosphere while playing. If you buy this best travel ukulele, it will provide you a good value for the price. We have included this model in the list as the best travel ukulele because Enya uses the carbon fiber composite polycarbonate to make it. The instrument might be sensory to the atmosphere. Are you looking for the concert ukulele under $200? If you think the great look will distract you from the sound quality, stay assured that this ukulele will grab both the eyes and the ears. If you are a beginner, it will help you stay and improve. This travel tenor uke measures only 2.4 pounds, proving it an unbelievably transportable and compact model. The things to consider are: It is difficult to decide to buy because there are so many ukes on the market. You do not always have to go to Hawaii to enjoy peace in artistic ways. So, you cannot just make the tune perfectly, but you can stay in tune automatically thanks to the features. Since 1997, Cordoba has been manufacturing ukuleles with a high reputation. Moreover, its long scale length makes it easy to play and learn even for beginners. Best Concert Ukulele 2020: Reviews and Tips to Pick, Concert Ukulele Deluxe Series by Hola! You can find acoustic-electric uke on the market that is fit for travel. When it comes to a question of travel musical instruments, their weight is a vital matter. Further, the gearheads involved keep the Strings locked rightly and aid in keeping the ukulele in tune. As a result, many consider this superb lightweight instrument as a journey partner. To ensure an excellent sound, it offers the custom Aquila Strings, tuned to A. Oscar Schmidt OU2 Mahogany Concert Ukulele Bundle. But, if you want, you can get a set for E tuning based on your request. The fact that you can get this for $40-50 is astounding! You have to choose the ukulele that provides your soul sound. The top is Mahogany, and the back is Sapele. It refers to the rapid sense of movement of the fingers to create a treat for the ear. It may be a bit pricey, but it is reasonable for the quality. As a result, this uke has become one of the most preferred options for ukulele lovers who want a mahogany uke but do not have enough money. It does not only look good but does its job of holding the strings in place well. Enya Nova U 23″ is a concert ukulele for the well-known brand. So, keep reading to find out the criteria for judging uke and also the seven best concert ukulele reviews. Also, the mahogany neck and rosewood Fretboard has ensured its durability. You might not find its look traditional, but it is unique. For instance, the ukuleles of mahogany wood are weighty compared to softwood ones. Moreover, the Koa body also makes its sound appealing. We have included another travel tenor uke in the list of the best travel ukulele. Above all, it will add value to purchase if you choose for you. Moreover, its long scale length makes it easy to play and learn even for beginners. Their MK-C is the best concert ukulele for beginners on our list. It features a slim body with full sound and an incomparable soundhole, which contributes to making it a recognized ukulele. Because of its concert size, you will get ample space for your fingers to move around. Therefore, to pick the best concert ukulele for yourself, you have to know your own choice of sound and structure best. Enya Nova U 23’’ Concert Travel Uke. At last, you should take into consideration how to transport your ukulele. However, due to its easy playability and excellent appearance, both beginners and professionals will be happy to get this uke. The Nyatok neck also enhances its quality. The sound of the Ranch ukulele is also perfect. Above all, its glossy finish will make your audience’s eyes eager to look at it at least twice. Don’t worry about it. In other words, it is a good Concert Ukulele for under $500 of Luna. Therefore, choose a wood uke that gives you excellent sound. The mahogany neck and body make sure its sustainability. If the place is too dry or it can come in contact with water on the beach or poolside, it can cause damage, so you have to pick a plastic model. The moment you see this ukulele, there should be two words on your mind- firstly fresh and secondly tranquil. As with all other instruments, quality is the number one consideration when choosing a concert ukulele. Most importantly, the tone depends on the wood used. Pros Incredible value for the price Completely water resistant The Kaka KA – SSTU – C concert Travel ukulele is an instrument that comes with necessary accessories that add immeasurable value to your purchase. The stiff spruce top and mahogany back and sides guarantee its durability and deliver a quality sound. The reason I deem this ukulele among the best concert ukuleles for beginners is the all-Sapele body, allowing for a more dynamic volume range to mess around with at an early stage of playing. Those who are looking for the best travel ukulele but on a limited budget can pick the Kmise travel ukulele. I wonder how many users take pictures with Masterpiece. As a result, this uke will be more affordable than other models. Before being panic, most ukes use Koa or mahogany, let’s assure you that with Nato wood, this ukulele provides a high-quality sound as well. We’ve reviewed some backpacker travel ukulele with your needs in mind. As the name suggests, it had a top, back, and sides made of Hawaiian Koa, which is one of the best woods used for ukuleles. Basically, the concert uke will have a slightly warmer and richer tone than that of the soprano. The Eddy Finn EF-TRVC is a thin concert-sized ukulele that brings an extraordinary mix of quality and affordable. In conclusion, our article will help you find the areas to consider and the right one to review and select your type. On the other hand, Nova U is worthy enough to ignore temperature and humidity.