The scientific name for the wood type is ‘Prunus avium’ and it is mainly found in the regions of Europe and Asia. It ages in a perfect way and looks gorgeous as furniture, boats, flooring, and much more! photos hgtv It may even have contrasting dark gray-brown streaks, which look really unique. Caribbean Cherry is usually found in Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico. The tree grows to the large size of 100-130 ft and can have a trunk diameter of 2-4 ft. The relative Not to mention our team are experts when it comes to crafting and shipping fine wood furniture. We see cherry as an environmentally responsible alternative to teak, mahogany, and other Cherry wood is a popular hardwood choice for residential furniture, especially in central rooms like dining rooms and bedrooms. States that produce the tallest and most dense trees in the US are New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Tiete Rosewood is also commonly sold for lumber and is relatively inexpensive considering it is an imported hardwood. Cherry wood cabinets can give a kitchen a warm,rich look. plastic outdoor furniture, which we guarantee for life (and then some). The American Black Cherry Tree varies in height and diameter based on growing conditions. There are also some figured pieces that have a curly grain pattern, which is harder to work with. expertise into crafting each piece. It is mainly manufactured in Eastern North America, an area which produces the largest amount of wood in the whole country. However, it is low enough that you will not have trouble sanding, screwing, nailing, or sawing the wood as per your needs. Last updated on October 22nd, 2018 at 09:21 am. Sweet cherry wood is an Old World counterpart for black cherry, which is commonly found in North America. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. In contrast, wood milled from coniferous trees are considered softwood. However, mid- and lower-tier cherry wood is often found in kitchen cabinets and wood flooring. It was used by the Greeks and Romans for everyday domestic furniture. The scientific name for the tree is Guibourtia hymenaeifolia and is commonly found in South America. Our Modern American Executive Desk in natural Cherry wood With so much imitation out there, we’re here to help you see what natural cherry wood really looks like Recently our Founder and CEO, Peggy Farabaugh, wrote about what to expect with natural cherry wood furniture. The High Point Market found that it is one of the most popular domestic woods due to its dramatic grains and warm red tones. This makes it really great for furniture and domestic use since no one wants to invest in wood that will attain a lot of wear and tear. It is stronger and denser as well when compared to the other wood type. 3Mâ„¢ DI−NOCâ„¢ Wood Grain Light Cherry finishes give you almost unlimited creative freedom, combining new material dimensions with a high-tech multi-layer film construction of superb aesthetic quality and visual realism. Our craftsmen source their lumber from the finest cherry trees in the Allegheny Plateau of Pennsylvania. While many types of wood can darken over time, this Pricing: It is usually available in many different widths and sizes for lumber use. Superior wood stain … can accelerate the aging process by exposing the wood to as much natural light as possible. The wood from the cherry tree is also used to smoke foods such as meats since it creates a pleasant and distinct flavor for the meat. Cherry Moon 1-Drawer Enclosed Shelf Nightstand, Contemporary Craftsman High Footboard Bed. Odor: Unlike black cherry wood, it has no odor even while the wood is being worked. The American Black Cherry Tree grows abundantly in much of the eastern US, with the most prized cherry wood coming from the Allegheny Plateau. The cherry has a lot of uses, which makes it a popular wood. They are cheaper compared to others but are slightly more expensive than maple or oak woods. It is the most popular wood for American furniture manufacturers and is part of most residential buildings. Sustainability: It is sustainable since it is not listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or CITES Appendices. Harvesting for the lumber of the Chilean Cherry is actually limited since the population of the trees is dropping around the world. The end grain of the wood is semi-ring porous and the small pores have no precise arrangement. Sweet cherry wood has heartwood of a light pink-brown when it is freshly cut. Mineral deposits (sometimes called pitch pockets) are natural and randomly occurring and add character It varies from yellow and tan colors to brown reds to darker deep reds. natural resources. dents. This means that they can withstand wear and dents really well. Cherry wood is a brown American hardwood that has a hint of pink or dark red to it. It darkens with age, and this quality is considered both desirable and beautiful. clear oil or lacquer finish will allow the wood to showcase its natural characteristics. Fast drying formula dries in 1 hour and uses nano pigments to offer superior color and coverage. Unlike many kinds of wood like black cherry and mahogany, the color of Brazilian cherry only darkens with exposure to light. of the Some of our customers ask us about applying a wood stain to their cherry wood furniture. to cherry wood furniture. Using sapwood is common among manufacturers but it causes a lot of waste which is why heartwood is preferred. The best Cherry wood has been a popular wood type for furniture since 400 BC. It can be modeled into different shapes and stains relatively easily. Despite the size, it has superior Janka Hardness which means that it is one of the most durable types of wood in the market. Deposits: It sometimes has deposits of minerals and gum which are preferred by a lot of people since they contribute to the uniqueness of the wood. Cherry wood in it’s natural unfinished state has a light color with pink tones and over time changes to a warm brown that looks orangey to me. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Its lumber name is Black Cabbage Bark or Machiche. Our craftsmen will take the time to select and join boards that have the best available permanently denting the wood. The fruit craftspeople, American economies, and preserving wildlife habitat. It can withstand a huge amount of wear and tear but isn’t easy to saw, sand, or nail. Medium strength and resistance to shock loads. Experts recommend using a gel-based stain or a sanding sealer before attempting to stain the wood. Workability: The wood is actually really dense and hard to work with.