Duncan Hines makes delicious desserts easy! Make delicious chocolate treats that are moist and chewy with Duncan Hines. Related Products. This box of brownies features dark chocolate flavor in an easy chocolate dessert. You'll love the fudge taste! take it out when it’s just done, and sprinkle with simple syrup before icing. Most Popular. This dark chocolate brownie mix is the perfect dessert for any occasion. Duncan Hines Brownie Mix Dark Chocolate Brownies Family Size Box - 18.2 Oz. Ingredients. Mix up thick, fudgy treats with Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix. You've never tasted a fudge brownie mix like ours. Serve up a warm plate of delicious desserts with brownie box mixes. This mix only requires eggs, water and vegetable oil. We add two heaping tablespoons dark Dutch cocoa powered, a teaspoon vanilla bean paste, use 3/4 cup milk in addition to 1/2 cup filtered water, and use half butter and half oil. If you're going to make milk chocolate brownies, use fantastic brownie mix. Take a trip to the dark side with Duncan Hines. Sweet treats have never been easier with brownie mix from Duncan Hines. Whip up dark chocolate brownies for a weeknight treat or to satisfy a chocolate craving.