Robert Redfield writes that “viewing the whole United States, one sees that the relations between sociology and anthropology are closer than those between Anthropology […] Relationship Between Sociology and Anthropology – Essay – The relation between Sociology and Anthropology is widely recognised today. Related posts: What is the relationship between Psychology and Anthropology ? The article discusses the relationship between anthropology and economics. 2, pp. Society for Economic Anthropology – a group of 300 anthropologists, economists, geographers and scholars interested in the connections between economics and social life. One important contribution of anthropology is that by providing people with a vast array of information about diverse sociocultural systems, anthropology 481-484. Society for the Anthropology of Work - An interest group of the American Anthropological Association. Thus R. M. Lawson, writing Social Sciences: - Anthropology studies social, economic and political aspects of man, which is why anthropology is related to sociology, economics and political science. Under the influence of evolutionism, anthropology had no such problem in the beginning and it was considered a natural science. All this goes to show that anthropology is a very vast subject and it is deeply concerned with the man and his culture as it developed in the remote past. Economists who en-counter a peasant community where subsistence is the goal of production are often frustrated. In fact, anthro­pologist Kroeber pointed out that the two sciences are twin sisters. Anthropology and Economics 483 traditional level but cannot produce for themselves. Dr. S.C. Dube does not find any difference between sociology and Though it has been found that the relationship between anthropology and development is still at the crossroads , the authors highlight the optimistically emancipator potentials of … 16, No. Journal of Economic Issues: Vol. ADVERTISEMENTS: Whether anthropology should be included among physical sciences or among social sciences is the subject on which anthropologists differ. What is the Relationship … (1982). Anthropology’s relationship with sociology is The Relationship between Anthropology and Economics.