FEATURES With the American Original ’60s Jazzmaster, Fender went all out replicating the finer details of a Sixties Jazzmaster. These days the Fender Jazzmaster and its cheaper version, the Vintage Modified Squier are choice axes for a huge array of artists – from Slipknot to Sonic Youth. Guitar Review: Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special. The bold aztec gold finish on our review guitar tends to engender more extreme reactions still—some find it dashing, while others find it as gaudy as a gangster’s Cadillac. Personally, I find it less flattering to the Jazzmaster’s lines than most ’60s custom colors, but currently the only other available finish is a 3-color sunburst. The Jazzmaster … The guitar is lauded for its floating tremolo, wide single coils, comfortable off-set waist body and separate lead and rhythm circuits. One was a Fender and the other a Gretsch. Fender’s response is the Jazzmaster. Released in 1958, the new model combines important Fender trademarks (bolt-on maple neck, six-on-one-side tuner layout) with a recent addition to the Fullerton factory’s spec options - a rosewood fingerboard. Today I headed out to Sam Ash and while there I tried out two guitars. If you are in the market for a Jazzmaster because you love the way they look, you may find that even with their nontraditional features Mexican or Japanese Fender Jazzmasters, or even Chinese-built Squier Jazzmasters suit your needs as-is. The uniquely contoured body of the Jazzmaster incorporates a snappy 25.5" scale length with warm-sounding pickups. Above is the exact guitar I tried out, a Mexico-made Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special in 3-color Sunburst finish. Fender introduced the Jazzmaster in 1958, on the crest of a wave of innovation that had been generating one iconic instrument after another. The Classic Player series Fender Jazzmasters are a brand new line of high end Mexican made Jazzmasters with some modifications and updates to the design. I'm writing about the Fender first. “It’s really so simple: a good guitar is a good guitar and a bad guitar is a bad guitar,” Adams says.