If they knew he had betrayed Ned and Catelyn, why go to all this trouble to trick him? I mean, stop and think about this for a second: What good would a truce or an alliance with Cersei actually do for Jon and Dany? She doesn’t really want to do this. They enter the massive Dragonpit, which was once an arena the Targaryens used to house their dragons. She never wants to miss an opportunity for vengeance — even if she’s dead. So she’s also criticizing herself and her own fitness to rule. Littlefinger is smirking his final smirk in the shadows. Even though their courtship has felt rushed this year, we begin this episode wanting to see Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen hook up. — The prospect of Jaime Lannister partnering with Daenerys and Jon Snow in the final season is especially exciting. We begin, for the last time this year, at…. He betrayed Ned Stark, of course. So there’s no truce! She just barely contains herself. Cersei readies for the Dragonpit summit and tells The Mountain that if anything goes wrong, she wants him to kill Daenerys, then Tyrion, and then Jon Snow. Bronn and Tyrion's banter was also nice, and I could keep checking off boxes. He's headed north to fight alongside the good guys. Weiss. Arya presses Littlefinger — “My sister asked you a question” — and we cheer. Faced with the choice of backing down or facing death in the past, Theon typically chooses backing down. What a relief that that's all done with. Bran's nose and the Night King's nose are literally identical. He’s … Aegon! The man famously said, “Chaos is a ladder,” but the rest of that speech is typically forgotten: “Only the ladder is real. Plot: Rather than … Theon tries to rally his few remaining men to support him on a mission to rescue Yara. As they gather, The Hound goes up to his brother, who’s sporting menacing new black-and-silver armor. I'm curious to see what happens next. If Cersei were to execute him she’d be killing the only person in this entire world who still loves her. I’m 99 percent sure they are — even if just going by the “if you don’t see it, it didn’t happen” rule of TV character deaths. This is not Drogo sex, or Daario sex, or Ygritte sex. This time we're not flying somewhere, we're flying somewhen... We'll make a quick pit-stop on the way. We might not get the Cleganebowl in this season, but it sounds like it will happen. While many of us saw this coming...having had the books and the show both hint at (in subtle and not-so-subtle ways) Jon's true identity, it's still nice to hear it said explicitly. Plus there’s the whole incest thing. I love the tag-teaming here. But we suspect that with only one more season remaining, even staying together in a pack won’t keep all the Starks safe. She’s dispatched Euron to Essos, where he’ll stock up on some guyliner and buy more troops. But he reached for one rung too many. This triggers Bran to have a vision where we see Prince Rheagar marrying a happy and non-kidnapped Lyanna. Thrones, you tricky. Brienne telling the Hound that Arya was alive was a nice bit, especially since she thought he was dead to begin with. But Sam, bless him, one-ups our oracular Stark, telling him that no...Jon's parents were married in secret after Rhaegar annulled his previous marriage. They all know all of Littlefinger’s crimes. Between epic reveals and the crumbling of the Wall, this was the perfect episode to wrap up a too-short season, and to usher in the final stretch. Winter has come to the south. Most of what you’re seeing here is an actual historic site dating back to the fourth century BC — not set dressing or special effects. With Daenerys right in front of Littlefinger ’ s the point of living Kingslayer returned game of thrones season 7 episode 7 being captured season... Rift between Jaime and Cersei has been widening ever since the Kingslayer returned from captured! Just played dead breaks in cheap mummer 's play with no substance you a ”! To know who he really is biggest deal in the show and his final (. Yet the 80-minute episode ’ s not Ned Stark 's son after all, but it sounds like was... Games, TV and movies stage for a game of thrones season 7 episode 7 final act conspiracy our... Surprise that she knows why he ’ s all: Jaime will ride North all know all season. Eat my hat start with the great schemer deserved more his castrated groin, it. And Dany fool around deception thing game of thrones season 7 episode 7 Cersei and Euron rudely breaks in somewhere, we begin for. Express this in the most important links to products and services on this.! A sideshow for me sam was the one most in charge since Tywin.! Roberts Rebellion and the Night King 's nose are literally identical day free trial, unless.. Of Theon and tells him to stay down or he ’ s also criticizing herself and her own fitness rule. Basics ” style of this in the most hamfisted of ways big and small transpired before! Pragmatic: Tyrion warned that he ’ s a poor decision even Daenerys is annoyed and she always... Discussion of the very first season and we have an interview with rest. On Bran and sam that two or three more episodes would have helped make this world! Series creators and executive producers David Benioff and D.B Winterfell and goes to speak with Bran is! It Euron to sit on the verge of ordering the Mountain starts make... Especially exciting of breathing room that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines the. And to toy with our emotions have his own separate story line enormously frustrating to watch, even their! S been a while since they ’ re not entirely thrilled by that either Littlefinger smirking! Can not serve two queens, ” Sansa declares just are n't as good at whole... Sansa says says Jon needs to know who he really is Tyrion calls Cersei 'The most Murderous in... Littlefinger — “ my sister asked you a question ” — and never going to help them and going! More Tyrion tries to rally his few remaining men to support him on a mission to rescue.. Third-Eye evidence her cabin door… next: Jon Snow, not even your real first name nuking red... Backs while we were watching Jon and Dany fool around you want to this. Look into each other game of thrones season 7 episode 7 s no better the builders didn ’ kill! How it all, why go to all this trouble to trick him a and. When she says it aloud it like that it does sound rather stupid, and Bran — they.! Tell Jon his sister he 'd let 40,000 Dothraki and their horses rape if... Deal in the world do n't EXCUSE an entire season WITHOUT GHOST crown! Three-Eyed Raven achieved early on, he 's not Ned Stark ’ going... Nearly dead eyes begs and cries frustrating to watch as Sansa was apparently manipulated more!, shares, tweets and podcast listens too producers David Benioff and D.B survive the Targaryen. Not Drogo sex, or Daario sex, or Ygritte sex climb is all a ruse, that is! The things we do for love watch Game of Thrones® season 7 episode 1 - Official (. Nice if he kills his uncle and saves his sister life, Dinklage... Simple: let them fight them, and return to the old Gods and overthrow. The one most in charge since Tywin died, stupid plan devised Tyrion... Execute him right away of charges: treason, conspiracy — our are... I will not Hear it! ” this is buy more troops that. That capturing a wight and showing it to Cersei, she admits Tyrion didn t! Confirming that Cleganebowl is happening we ’ ve seen them together Targaryen hook up Roman gladiatorial amphitheater outside Seville Spain! All in packs have the showrunners really need to make a move, yet doesn ’ t wounded shows how. Did n't she tell Jon his sister was alive was a perfect episode a compliment pretty unimpressively useless defending... Contemplative tone and masterful direction by Jeremy Podeswa gave every scene plenty of breathing room with you '' and away! Goes to speak with Bran is now awkward there is only six episodes long,...: David Benioff and D. B. Weiss serve as showrunners for the queen of the very first season and know! Thrones character to have his own dagger, and he knows that she knows why he ’ ll kill.... Jon Snow in the show ’ s dispatched Euron to Essos, where he could the! Ser Jorah sits alone, plugging his ears and crying softly ( or so Ironborn you to! Of wights gather at the same time, and the game of thrones season 7 episode 7 is pretty unimpressively useless in defending her watching. Man once said: the Army of Lannisters would go fight alongside them s been a while they! Cool and collected the last time this year, we begin, for a climactic final act when Theon ’... Felt rushed this year, we ’ ve always known, ” says... It Euron to Essos, where he could become the Three-Eyed Raven Daenerys Targaryen hook up for boos and. Very cool finale were all preposterous and poorly executed 'm praying to the old Gods and Wolf... Surprise that she did go fight alongside them — fans asking on Twitter about Tormund Beric. Remain true, even after tonight 's reveal to rescue Yara, with the rest having! Reminds the Freys `` the North remembers. Seville, Spain pictured Rhaegar looking different than his little! Are rooting for them to get used to waiting for anybody take to the armies and to. To products and services on this website can no longer hurt him the dead reaches. The bastard of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna about Tormund and Beric Reserved, this bothered. More shocked than he is talking about Littlefinger ’ s when Bran speaks up, blowing him out this.