During a home invasion, you will likely need to communicate with your family members, the police, and potentially with the intruder(s). You will learn to safely operate a handgun in a tactical way, respond quickly to a threat, defensive tactics against armed and un-armed attackers, escaping from captivity and much more. There’s a difference between dealing with a carjacker and a home invasion. Widening your training beyond simply marksmanship and weapon manipulation is also a good idea; practicing to clear your house and your property will help out immensely when something goes bump in the night and you’re in the dark with your pistol or shotgun and a flashlight. 5 residents, including child, are zip-tied during home invasion in Whittier . It is composed of over 7 hours of the most common attack/response scenarios and thorough training in regards to real world dangers. Women tied up in home invasion in Lantana, man charged. According to the Department of Justice 3.7 millions homes are burglarized every year. What you say to each of these groups could have dramatic effects on the outcome of the situation. The Home Invasion and Tactical Urban Survival (HIATUS) course provides you with a holistic approach to safety both in and outside of the home. Some 58 percent of home invasions use some type of forced entry. Woman tied up, pistol-whipped during Bellevue home invasion. TACTICAL COMBAT SYSTEM will train and prepare you to always be ready to defend your family against home invasion. About 1 million of them are robberies. A burglary becomes a robbery when the homeowner is present. 3 men tie up, blindfold woman’s granddaughter during West Philly home invasion. Here are 7 Simple Home Invasion Self-Defense Tactics to put into place: 1. Have at least 3 different escape routes out to the house that all of your family members know and have traced. Additionally, the HIATUS Network continues you down the path and provides you with weekly instructional videos that … Third suspect wanted in Rockingham County home invasion where teen girl tied up, hurt. Our Home Invasion Preparation Tactics is part of our Dynamic Response Survival Training program. In a time of great crisis and stress, you must be able to act rationally and safely. As a tried and true gun owner, your first instinct may be to start blasting away, but a home invasion requires tactical thinking BEYOND just the “point and shoot” reaction many gun owners have instilled in themselves from typical range training… Here Are Four Tips To Survive A Home Invasion Their exit plan must be instinctual and effective. Home Invasion Preparation Tactics. These days, the possibility of you being the victim of a home invasion is unfortunately all too real. Some 26 percent of robberies become violent crimes which means 266,560 violent crimes a year begin as home burglaries. Remember, just like in advanced military based tactics: 2=1 and 1=NONE.