The final week of our home-fitness plan is going large. Upper-body muscle-builder workout 7. Bodyweight core crusher workout. Let us create a workout program that fits your busy life! You can easily burn fat and build muscle while having fun doing a workout … I’m going to show you a bodyweight workout routine for beginners that you can do at home (or even your dorm room!). Whether you’re prepping for the gym post-lockdown or want to keep up with DIY gains, this upper-body sesh will hit the spot. 5 Muscle Building Workout Routines … 6. Total-body HIIT workout 10. If … The Home Body workouts combine strength training, timed cardio intervals, AMRAP, yoga, mobility training, and kickboxing for an all-in-one plan to work up a sweat and build lean muscle and strength. The back-saver workout 9. Work with me and our coaching program to follow a custom strength training routine for your goals. Lower-body muscle-builder workout 8. Select one of the muscle-building routines for women in the next section. These home workout plans are based on losing fat or gaining muscle, with both bodyweight-only plans and plans that incorporate functional training tools like kettlebells, steel maces, and resistance bands (fitness tools that should be in every home). Build your own workout routine using these exercises! Well, good news, you’ve come to the right place!