But can the UN or the West even organize an election? Anti-Sanctions. Martin Jay. Israel’s threats to invade are not irking the Lebanese, but many wish Hezbollah would end a local Shiite-Christian spat. Yes to satire & culture. Award-winning freelance journalist and political commentator based in Beirut, Lebanon, Anti-War. In fact, it might push Turkey’s relations with Russia beyond breaking point. ... always been, for the large part of my thirty year career, a freelance journalist. Or does he? https://twitter.com/abasaslani/status/1332597541872001025. Follow him on Twitter @MartinRJay. Become a patron of Martin Jay today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. newnownext.com — by Jay Martin Williams 9m ago NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. by Martin Jay October 8, 2020. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Before Lebanon, he has worked in Africa and Europe for CNN, Euronews, CNBC, BBC, Sunday Times and Reuters. Martin Jay is a British journalist based in Beirut who recently won the UN’s prestigious Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize (UNCA) in New York in 2016. The US has its own agenda for this country, which is spooking Lebanon’s president. Her efforts to save Iran’s economic demise are only making her own office look like it’s in its last days. #Iran’s president says Iran will respond to the assassination of Mohsen #Fakhrizadeh "in a timely manner", adding "Iranian nation is smarter and wiser than falling into the trap of the Zionists. When #Iran supports its regional allies, it’s called “meddling” or “Iran’s malign influence” or “intervention.” When the US assassinates an Iranian general an ocean away from the continental US or when #Israel assassinates an Iranian scientist, it’s labeled “fighting terrorism.”, By leaving the timing of its response to #Fakhrizadeh assassination open #Iran can benefit by exacting concessions later from US and Europe after Jan 20 for continuing to hold off on revenge. Despite congratulating himself in Helsinki about defeating ISIS in Iraq, it seems that this was more of his own fake news. He can be followed on Twitter at @MartinRJay © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. Martin Evan Jay (born 1944) is the Sidney Hellman Ehrman Professor of History Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley. Martin Jay is an award winning British journalist now based in Beirut who works on a freelance basis for a number of respected British newspapers as well as previously Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle TV. Martin Jay is an award winning freelance journalist who has previously worked and lived in Kenya, Belgium and Morocco – reporting for CNN, Euronews, CNBC, BBC, DW, Reuters, Sunday Times and others. Trump’s plans are not about starting a war with Iran but trying to bring about regime change by draining it financially. Israel is more or less running Trump’s foreign policy there and part of the plan is to cut all aid to Palestinians in a bid to usher in a new conflict to eclipse a peace blueprint. And who exactly are these ‘new recruits’? The murder of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has not gotten nearly the condemnation it deserves. https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1332781322784411648, News Analysis: The killing of Iran's nuclear scientist threatens President-elect Joe Biden's plans to revive the nuclear deal. In Libya, a dominant military figure stands out as a possible new leader of a unified country – that is, of course, if he wins at the polls – or even if he doesn’t. Currently he lives in Beirut where has reported for DW, AP, TRT, RT and the UK national Mail on Sunday. As a new administration takes power, it was clearly intended to undermine U.S.-Iran diplomacy. Media, Why Is the British Press Sexing Up Stories on Iran, Hezbollah, and China? A new reality is unravelling in the Middle East. Lebanon is a pressure cooker which could blow at any moment, but don’t worry about confused US policy. CNN has found the most dispassionate expert analyst on Iran. The British press seem to be doing a rancorous business of late of fabricating stories about Iran, Hezbollah and China. ‘Covering your ass’ propaganda: Saudi crown prince was reluctant to back US attack on Iran, Iran to pursue legal action against US over medical sanctions. We must not allow that to happen. Hopes Fade For EU Banking Scheme to Bypass Iran Sanctions – But Was It Ever A Serious Plan? Is there more to the allegations than is being reported? All Posts. Rex Tillerson’s visit to Beirut didn’t resolve Lebanon’s persistent war threat from Israel, or Hezbollah’s perceived threat to Washington. Riyadh is going ahead with plans to dig a canal along its border with Qatar making it an island. Who are the two competing parties waiting to govern Iran? It’s almost as though these... Trump looks at the reporter and an opaque gaze of confusion and vulnerability takes over his face as he mutters that he didn’t know Ruth... Trump’s foreign policy gambles in the Middle East just continue to shake the region up, causing confusion, betrayal and, more recently, a new arms race... At the end of September, the European Union unveiled plans to help Iran bypass sanctions imposed by the US, so that it could sell oil... Mohsen Fakhrizadeh assassination: How the world reacted. But will the PR stunt distract media attention away from its own internal crisis, not to mention Qatar’s ‘independence’? Before Lebanon, he has worked in Africa and Europe for CNN, Euronews, CNBC, BBC, Sunday Times and Reuters.