Stir through the rice and almonds. How to make easy oven baked rice. 1 c. raw rice (NOT Minute Rice) 2 tbsp. Follow the ratios – Basically follow the recipe! When it is done, just fluff, serve, and enjoy! Another option is adding whatever leftover veggies or meat I have to make a simple casserole without a heavy cream sauce. How to Make Baked Rice: This amazing recipe is so simple and comes together so quickly. Measure carefully. Preheat the oven to 190°C/fan170°C/gas 5. Printer-friendly version. The delicious smell will fill your home while you wait. Oven-baked dishes recipes. butter 1 tsp. Start by stirring all your ingredients together, then place the dish in the oven where it will bake to perfection. Heat the oil and butter in an ovenproof sauté pan and soften the shallot for 5 minutes, allowing it to colour a little. Add the For anyone who’s ever struggled with cooking rice on the stovetop (and no, it’s not just you…), this easy oven rice recipe is for you. Rice infused with garlic and onion baked in chicken stock. And this recipe is foolproof. This recipe uses a rice-to-liquid ratio of 2:1 for long-grain rice. The only real “tricks” to nailing this baked rice recipe are avoiding over-stirring and fighting the urge to “peek” while the rice is cooking. Make sure your water is boiling – You want boiling water added to the rice. Prep: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Melt two-thirds of the butter in the casserole and sauté the onion for about 5 minutes. salt 2 1/4 c. water. Tips on making this oven baked rice recipe. Combine all ingredients in a 6 cup buttered dish. Say hello to your new foolproof method for perfect, fluffy rice—every time. Stir in the cumin seeds for the final minute. OVEN BAKED RICE : This is a great way to prepare rice when having company. A wonderfully simple dish even picky eaters will enjoy. No stuck pan or overcooked rice, every grain will be perfect! Hot water just won’t cook it properly. I use homemade stock as it's the most flavorful, but use whatever you have on hand. The oven can be a lazy cook’s best friend, as most foods can be left to their own devices when ensconced in its consistent blanket of heat. Pour over the stock, add the lime leaves, season, then bring to the boil. Baking rice in the oven requires three ingredients and about 30 minutes of your time. Home > Recipes > Rice > Oven Baked Rice.