In addition according to Brown (2011:8) Snowball writing is a fun and creative activity that you can use to engage your students in collaborative writing. The snowball method is a modification of the educational technique by asking to focus on the ability to make questions that are packaged in an interesting game such as throwing paper that is rolled round like a snowball containing questions to fellow friends. From the questionnaire, the students answered strongly agree is 66,67%, agree 19,44% and disagree 13,89% that this technique is good to be implemented in teaching grammar. 1. Every group writes questions given to The Science Teacher (2011). This research used a questionnaire to find out knowledge, attitudes and preventive measures for hepatitis A. he 1st International Conference on Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, At Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Surabaya.. snowball throwing can help the students to get idea to write because there must be some key words that can be used by the students as guide line. This study focused on applying Snowball Throwing Technique (hereafter, STT) in teaching reading and to figure out whether STT can improve students' reading comprehension skill for the 10th grade students at a senior high school in Nagan Raya, learning process. The pyramid method or the snowball method is based on blending the individual activity with the cooperative one, inside a group. This method explains how knowledge is … The topic given to the students was the expression of asking and significant effect of using snowball throwing technique for teaching speaking to the eight grade students of SMPN 5 Tulungagung is accepted. Based on Hardian snowball throwing is a teaching technique that can improve the student’s attention in comprehension of text. SNOWBALL THROWING TECHNIQUE Snowball throwing technique is one of vocabulary games which make students enjoy and can decrease worry in learning vocabulary. This research uses non-probability total sampling method. And the inside of snowball is question that students have to throw the snowball to other students and the other students have to answer it. 2. B. In Snowball Throwing learning model, the students are formed into groups. Snowball throwing techniques haves … groups. This method aims to provoke creativity in making questions while testing the absorption of material delivered by the group leader. snowball throwing in teaching grammar and interview was also used to get more specific information that cannot be accessed through questionnaire. The Snowball Questioning Method.. Video The number of the subjects was 73 students. It aimed at improving students’ speaking skill of the 7 th grade at SMP N 1 Kotabunan East Bolaang Mongondow through the snowball throwing technique. appropriate learning form. Whereas, Ho which states that there is no significant effect of using snowball throwing technique is rejected. A 1-Minute Teaching Tip: The Snowball Fight - … It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite writing activities to do with students for a few reasons. Based the explanation above, snowball throwing technique is an teaching technique that require the students to participate actively in the classrom. And also, snowball throwing is a technique that can make the students more active in teaching learning process. Introduction Teaching is a process in the classroom. The success criteria determined by the researcher was that if the completion score of the students reached 75% of the whole students at Grade XI TKR A. We implemented the teaching techniques for finding a diffractive solution in period 1 and the methods of The objective of this study was to find out whether using “Snowball Throwing Method” was effective in teaching writing of procedure text or not. This research is aimed to find out whether: (1) there is any significant difference in reading skill between the students taught using Snowball Throwing Method and those taught using Direct Instructional Method; and (2) which group has better reading skill, the group taught using Snowball Throwing Method or the one taught using Direct Instructional Method. Bayor (2010) Pengertian Snowball Throwing menurut Bayor adalah suatu metode pembelajaran yang diawali dengan pembentukan kelompok yang diwakili oleh ketua kelompok untuk mendapat tugas dari guru, kemudian masing-masing siswa membuat pertanyaan yang dibentuk seperti bola (kertas pertanyaan) lalu dilempar ke siswa lain yang masing-masing siswa menjawab pertanyaan dari bola … So, that is why, in this study the writers try to use snowball throwing method to help students in learning descriptive writing. method used in this research is experiment method,interviews,observation, pre test post test.and the results show that teaching speaks with snowball throwing media can increase the ability of students in speaking skills, because the result of Test-T count (5,5) is So, they will be more active when writing using snowball throwing. This research is a Classroom Action Research (CAR). In teaching learning, snowball throwing can be a good strategy to improve students’ speaking skill. Snowball Throwing method can also be used to determine the extent of knowledge and abilities possessed by students in mastering the material. The Benefits of Technique Teaching speaking through snowball throwing technique is more interesting n learning process.The benefit of snowball throwing is to improve students’ ability in speaking. METHOD In this study, researcher used qualitative descriptive method. Snowball throwing is a learning method that uses a paper which contains a word that is shaped like a ball. This method is usually used in learning English. But, only 25 students who attended the classroom. Use of the Snowball Throwing Technique For Teaching Better ESL Speaking (H. Susanty) 119 the researcher suggested an alternative way, which was the use of Snowball Throwing Technique (STT) because previous research has proven the effectiveness of this technique in the Indonesian teaching