Not only does it take paint easily, but it also holds nails well and meets building code requirements for fire safety, strength, and sound transmission. 300-360 (pgs. 39-54), NLGA GR 2017 – Section 3b – EW & Red Pine Boards – Paras. 112-115 (pgs. 207-224), NLGA GR 2017 – Section 12 – Characteristic Tables & Abbreviations – Paras. Dry Kiln Operator Course; Grading Course; Planer Operator Course; Quality Control Course ; Treated Wood Quality Control Course; eLearning. As a volume purchaser of lumber, we provide liquidity and market direction to both our suppliers and customers, and we do whatever we can to add greater value to our customer base. A very simplified, condensed overview of the steps for grading a piece of hardwood lumber is as follows: Determine the species. 65-82), NLGA GR 2017 – Section 5 – Decking, Machine Graded & Glued Lumber, Timbers – Paras. 1-4), NLGA Interpretations & EU 2017 – Part 1 – NGR Interpretations (pgs. No. We recruit new traders year-round. The separated sections of the NLGA Standard Grading Rules are listed for convenience only and are not meant to be stand-alone, but rather must be considered in the context of the Grading Rules in their entirety. See Table 2 or SPIB Grading Rules for design values: Grade: Grade Characteristics and Typical Uses: 750f - 1.4E thru 3000f - 2.4E: Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber is evaluated by mechanical stress rating equipment. 3. In the past few years, SPF lumber buying tendencies have changed as well. Approved to supervise glued and machine graded lumber. 132-195 (pgs. thick may be dried to 19% maximum moisture content. 36-42), SPS 1 – Fingerjoined Structural Lumber – current edition March 2017, SPS 2 – Machine Graded Lumber – current edition April 2019, SPS 3 – Fingerjoined “Vertical Stud Use Only” Lumber – current edition March 2017, SPS 4 – Fingerjoined Machine Graded Lumber – current edition January 2020, SPS 5 – Face-Glued Lumber – Vertical Use Only – current edition November 2015, SPS 6 – Structural Face-Glued Lumber – current edition November 2015. All grades 2" or less in thickness sold as DRY (seasoned) shall be dried to 15% maximum moisture content, stock over 2". Because of its strength-to-weight ratio and its competitive pricing, SPF lumber is often used in wood framing for furniture, houses, apartments, trusses, and commercial buildings. ** Note: For Canadian SPF, the values for No. The grading of sawn wood into categories as it is processed helps to determine to a large extent the value and potential use possible for each board of sawn lumber.” Worldwide, hardwood lumber producers “grade” their lumber, assuring downstream consumers of the lumber of the lumber's quality for the intended use. NLGA GR 2017 – Cover, Title Page, Preface & Section Index (pgs. 225-242), NLGA GR 2017 – Section 13 – Grading Agencies & Grade Stamps (pgs. Rather than buying months of inventory at a time, buyers seem to be managing their inventory much thinner and leaning on ‘just in time’ style deliveries. Approved to supervise glued and machine graded lumber. If you’re in the market for SPF lumber or other building materials for a construction or manufacturing project, AIFP has got you covered. 116-118 (pgs. 700-754 (pgs. 120-125 (pgs. These files are protected by copyright. Third party grading agencies regularly inspect the products from all mills to make sure that they are on grade. You may view, download and print these PDF files for your own use, but may not copy, reprint, publish, distribute or sell them in any format, including electronic, without the written permission of NLGA. 25-38), NLGA GR 2017 – Section 3a – Boards – Paras. 200-211 (pgs. Accreditation; The SPIB Laboratory; The SPIB Quality Mark; Western Wood Services; Pellet Program; Training. #2 SPF is the most common grade for framing and dimensional lumber, and it’s used in home and commercial construction, along with #3 SPF and stud grade lumber. It is the recognized body for writing grading rules about lumbers in Canada. 243-248), NLGA GR 2017 – Section 14,15 – Profile Patterns & Metric Conversion (pgs. In the image below, the ends … The NLGA Grade Rule incorporates the National Grading Rule for Dimension Lumber (NGR). 1-48 (pgs. However, in most cases they are not.