Now lets assess the WD10S on various parameters. This is something that lower end guitars with laminated tops will not offer. Best Acoustic Guitar and Brands for Beginners in 2019 – Reviews, Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Review – Very Friendly for Beginners, Baby Taylor Review: BT2 – Best Choice for Kids and Beginners with Little Hands. I rarely use my gig bag for the WD10S because I simply want it to come handy when ever I get into the mood but the guitar has survived me despite my rough usage. It is far better than any of the five or so $200 to $300 guitars I owned when I was younger. We have an amazing selection of the best Washburn acoustic Guitars. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Required fields are marked *. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. How To Choose Guitar Amp – Complete Buying Guide, Epiphone PR-4E Review – Acoustic-Electric Guitar Player Pack, Yamaha APX500II Thinline Cutaway Acoustic – Guitar Review, Easy Guitar Tabs Popular Songs – Show Off your Guitar Skill. For the money, however, the WD10S is a no-brainer. This is the exact method that I apply to access a guitar and this is something that I have learned over the years buying hundreds of guitars for myself and for my students. Higher end guitars even use Gold for this but it is more about aesthetics and its affect on the sound quality is negligible. And the guitar is adorned in high-end ornamentation like rosewood binding and a NuBone string nut and saddle. The quality of wood is one of the major determinant of the price and sound quality of a acoustic guitar. I guess that’s me. I will try to give the most balanced opinion on the good as well as the not-so-good things about this acoustic guitar. But perhaps the best thing about the WD10S is an exceptional pluck harmonics at almost every fret. If you want a good sounding, fantastic looking, easy playing acoustic guitar and you do not want to pay over $500 on one of the big names this can be the guitar you want. After the first few days that it takes to adjust, Washburn WD10S stays in tune, thus doing away with the need for frequent tuning. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Your email address will not be published. Read through this review with the intention to get an idea of things that should be looked into and things that matter when picking up any acoustic guitar. Compared to a number of the lower priced acoustic guitars, the Washburn WD7S feels and sounds like a professional product with plenty of bottom end and percussive. Best Acoustic Guitars under $500 for Beginners in 2019, Epiphone DR-100 Review in 2019 – A decent option for the Beginners. This is a superb guitar suitable for beginners, a solid body and a soft diapason vibrant sound for its price is just fantastic. What Should I Have in my Guitar Practice Space? I review a lot of high-end guitars of numerous brands…, so I have a good deal of experience with them all. The Washburn WD10S is an acoustic guitar that keeps it simple. The last time I bought this guitar around, seven months back when the piece was more expensive. Thanks to its in-built Fisman Presys+ Tuner/Preamp, you will never have to be compelled to carry around an additional tuner. Both Mahagony and Rosewood are very good material for a guitar in this price range. 130 years of history is at the basis of strong foundation building prime quality instruments. No doubt Washburn D10S is a teacher’s favourite as teaching & learning becomes very easy with the WD10S. From blues players who formed rock ‘n’ roll to multi-platinum recording artists to rising guitar virtuosos. As is very natural of a medium priced acoustic guitar, the WD10S has it’s own shortcomings and a reader interested in knowing about this guitar would do well to read this to take an informed decision. With the strength of a classic dreadnought body, and its tasteful look, the WLD10S could be a excellent songwriting or finger-style tool. It has easy playability and a tight focus sound that lends itself equally well to strumming and finger picking. The string response time of WD10S is pretty good thus it is easy to match the rhythm. It feels natural when you dig in with a pick, but the nicely compact 54mm string spacing at the bridge means that while the guitar is more geared to strumming, twisty fingerstyle isn't out of the question either. The Washburn WD10S dreadnought acoustic guitar is one among the best-selling acoustic guitars. This is a superb guitar suitable for beginners, a solid body and a soft diapason vibrant sound for its price is just fantastic. And I guess, this is the reason why Washburn has been able to price the guitar so low, despite offering so many amazing features in this guitar. So that is all about the product specifications. Clocking 120mm, the Washburn never feels cumbersome, while the neck has an especially welcoming and easily gripped profile that will support developing players as they hone their chops. The fingerboard is made up of rosewood. Washburn WD10S has a spruce top and the neck, back & sides are made up of high quality mahogany. The attention paid to details renders an nice warm tone. The deluxe editions are higher priced and my preference is black and natural in the order mentioned. Guitar Buying Guide – Some Tips For Picking A Guitar, Guitar Lessons for Kids -You Might Be Surprised, How To Be A Better Bass Player That Your Band Cannot Live Without, How To Change Your Acoustic Guitar Strings, How To Play A Bass Guitar – Bass Guitar Lessons to Learn, How To Play Electric Guitar – 3 Common Mistakes, How To Play Guitar – Learn Guitar for Beginners, Learn Basic Fundamentals of Playing Guitar and Chord Examining, What is The Similarities & Difference Between Bass and Guitar, Play Guitar By Ear – Some Ear Training Tips, Tips on How to Play Classical guitar – 5 Steps That Can Absolutely Accelerate Your Studying, Rock Guitar Lessons Building Left Hands Power, How To Make an Electric Guitar Sound Like Rock, Electric Guitar Lesson – Step by Step Guide. The WD10S comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Why ? Perfect for beginners, the WD10S is also a prime choice for a … It is quite possibly the ultimate guitar in two categories: 1) a "beginner" guitar; and 2) an "I need a cheap second guitar to … Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This Washburn WD10SCE review might not be the most objective one. Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review – Great Guitar, Excellent Value! Lets begin with the product specifications provided by the sellers. The WD10S is a bang for buck deal and no other guitar comes even closer at this price. The narrow fretboard design makes playing a breeze. This is something I had never expected to get at this low a price. The preamp features volume, bass and treble control for natural amplified acoustic tone, and a phase switch to deal with feedback issues. The Washburn WD10S is an acoustic guitar that keeps it simple. (and not just the WD10S).