In fact, while the average OSHA fine is only about $11,000, the distractions created by an accident and/or an inspection often cost more than $100,000 in lost business while you struggle to clean up the mess. When to do it. We strive to ensure that all of our employees are physically well. The price for membership in the OSHA Safety Program for Painting Contractors is a one-time cost of $1497. All submitted forms are securely stored in the cloud so they never go lost or missing. Jacksonville: (904) 641-4800   Tampa: (813) 308-0388. Contractors with acceptable health and safety submittals are designated as approved contractors for bidding. In plain English. You can easily use these templates to create well-written programs about workplace safety and health topics to ensure that the health and security of the employees working on that particular project remains atop. But it must be noted that simply undergoing a safety certification program is not enough. When you work with Performance Painting Contractors, not only do you get professional, quality work, but it is done in a safe manner, providing you with a peace of mind. Safety isn’t sexy, but accidents do happen and the fines are very real. If it is determined that the employee has a health issue, then further medical evaluation is required. Online course of OSHA’s documentation requirements with clearly defined examples to help you understand those requirements. You will get an overview of OSHA’s mission, how to access the standards, your record keeping requirements, and what an OSHA inspection involves. This . The employee must be able to process and repeat the correct safety procedures back to the supervisor. This mobile app is FREE! These are the three pillars of a solid safety program. We have created 52 simple briefings, many translated into Spanish, that meet these requirements. Criteria for approval include the following: You must ensure your workers are trained to recognize safety hazards and perform work tasks in a safe manner. All submitted forms are securely stored in the cloud so they never go lost or missing. CSP. Adhering to the correct safety OSHA approved guidelines will ensure that the employee is safe from any potential hazards. Study and learn it all or use it as reference when needed. Performance Painting is proud to sponsor events throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas. You just want to know what you actually have to do! We work to ensure that our employees are safe and adhere to all safety regulations on-and off-site. Performance Painting Contractors is comprised of trained, knowledgeable full­-time painters who pay attention to details & help create "world-class" facilities . Simply email or call Terry Ladd at (206) 446-8463 to ask your questions and get started! Jacksonville11463 Saints Rd.Jacksonville, FL 32246Phone: (904) 641-4800, Tampa6375 Harney Rd. It is designed as a multi-user app, meaning you can create accounts for your staff members and distribute the jobs of performing safety inspections and safety briefings to those closest to the work. This safety certification program is extensive and thorough, ensuring that the employee is able to use all equipment and chemicals correctly, according to both OSHA and company standards. Want to learn more about our products? The easily downloadable construction safety plans are readily available to save a lot of time and effort while designing, creating, deciding, and printing the site safety plan. To emphasize the seriousness of safety, any OSHA certified employee who fails to display correct safety procedures on- and off-site can have disciplinary actions taken against them. A $20/month servicing fee is required for the primary user of an account with the ability to add additional users for $5/month each. And all submitted forms are searchable by job name, user name, form name, and date. We’ve developed tools to help you implement and document safe work practices in the quickest and easiest way possible. This is the foundational tool we offer. Topics covered include: FREE Toolbox Talks Safety Briefings, include over 50+ safety briefings emailed directly to your inbox bi-weekly when you sign up for our newsletter. DON’T GET CAUGHT UNPREPARED! Backed by our 60 Day Unconditional No-Hassle 100% Money-Back Guarantee. At Performance Painting Contractors, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Contractors with a poor safety record or program may be disqualified from bidding on the contract or requested to update their programs to qualify. This ensures that not only will the equipment last for years to come but that external parties will not have access to potentially dangerous chemicals and equipment. Access to and support from the program’s author through email and telephone. OSHA Safety for Painting Contractors You will learn how OSHA regulations effect your business and what you must do to be in compliance.